After Monster Combine, D.K. Metcalf to Run Drills as NFL Commissioner

by Alex Poletti

After amazing scouts with a 4.33 40-yard dash and 27 reps on the bench press, the NFL has asked Ole Miss wide receiver D.K. Metcalf to run drills at a number of other positions, including NFL Commissioner.

“This is a guy we believe can play all over the field,” an NFL executive told The Second String about the 21-year-old phenom. “We think he can succeed in a number of roles in the NFL, and we’re lacking the most depth at commissioner.”

Speculation arose that the superstar athlete could be tried at other positions after Field Yates tweeted that “D.K. Metcalf is Mel Kiper Jr.’s top ranked wide receiver, linebacker, defensive end, strong safety and tight end prospect in this year’s draft.”

The NFL currently has no back-up commissioners, with Roger Goodell as their starter. He was considered a slam-dunk pick when he was drafted to play the position in 2006, but since then has garnered widespread criticism.

“He just hasn’t been able to to perform in the spotlight,” one scout said of Goodell. “I just don’t think he’s a ‘big game’ guy. That’s why we’re looking at D.K.”

After excelling in the pass route and gauntlet drills tailored for wideouts, Metcalf is slated to run the Commissioner-specific drills on the final day of the combine, including the question dodge, scandal cover-up and player settlement drills.

“I don’t think anyone necessarily prefers Metcalf at commissioner over receiver right now,” NFL analyst Ian Rapoport said in an exclusive interview with The Second String, “but he’s a potential fit for a position, and the league would be remiss not to try him out.”

Multiple reports have denied that the NFL would consider using Metcalf as a commissioner-receiver hybrid; he’ll only do one at the NFL level.

“I’ll play wherever they want me to play,” Metcalf says. “Of course, I think I’m a receiver at heart. That’s where I played at Ole Miss, that’s what I practice doing. But if the league sees me as a future commissioner and they really think that’s how I’ll best be able to compete, then that’s what I’ll do.”

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