Kareem Hunt Sensitivity Training to be Led by Ray Lewis, Michael Vick

by Alex Poletti

The Cleveland Browns announced early Tuesday morning that recent signee Kareem Hunt’s sensitivity training will be led by former NFL players Ray Lewis and Michael Vick.

Kareem Hunt, one of the game’s premier running backs, was released by the Kansas City Chiefs last season after videographic evidence surfaced that he assaulted a woman in a Cleveland Hotel.

During the announcement, Browns general manager John Dorsey, who worked with Kansas City when they drafted the 23-year-old half back, reaffirmed his belief that Kareem Hunt is a changed man, but still believes he could benefit from the guidance of such strong role models as Lewis and Vick.

“We are committed to building the best football team we can,” Dorsey explains, “while also helping our players grow as people. That is why we are so honored to have the likes of Ray Lewis and Michael Vick to help Kareem along this journey.”

Ray Lewis gained notoriety in the NFL for being a strong leader at the middle linebacker position and also for murdering two people. Vick, a former first overall pick out of Virginia Tech, compliments Lewis with a unique skill set and outlook on life.

“Kareem made a mistake, but we can’t hold that against him,” Vick says. “I think there are many ways to help someone improve past this point in their life. Might I suggest therapy dogs?”

Dorsey and the Browns organization remain confident in their decision to hire the two pro-bowlers, despite the skepticism from some fans.

“Look, Ray and Mike both had similar issues and they continued to play in the NFL,” Dorsey says.

When asked by a reporter from The Second String whether his goal was just to add a star running back without considering the moral consequences or rehabilitate the character of their new signee, Dorsey yelled, “Hey, what’s that over there?” and hid behind a nearby bush, thus concluding the interview.

Lewis has expressed his excitement in working with a young talent like Hunt, who in many ways reminds him of himself.

“I know what Kareem is going through, but I know how easy it is to become a changed man,” the recent Hall-of-Fame-inductee says. “Did I plead guilty to obstruction of justice in 2000? Yes. Absolutely. But also, did I get two super bowl rings after that? I sure as hell did. And that’s really what it means to be a changed man at this level: do nothing differently but win more awards.”

To match Lewis’ bravado, Vick brings a more therapeutic method to the training.

“I think the dogs are a big part of this. Did I mention we’re getting him some dogs?” Vick eagerly repeated.

Sources close to the story confirmed that the Browns also reached out to former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez to be part of the team, but he wasn’t picking up his phone.

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