Chris Davis Accused of Assault After Hitting Ball for First Time in Career

by Alex Poletti

Scandal shook the baseball world Saturday after video footage surfaced of Chris Davis shockingly hitting a baseball in a Boston ballpark. The ball has come forward and accused the slugger of assault.

“This has never happened before,” the ball says. “I get hit by a lot of guys in the league. That was never a problem with Chris.”

Chris Davis had not touched a baseball in 2019, breaking the record for longest streak of at bats without a hit. That all changed on Saturday’s game against the Red Sox, when Davis shot a ball into shallow right in the second inning.

“It was hard to watch,” pitcher Rick Porcello says, who surrendered the hit. “I mean, when I threw the ball, I never expected something like that would happen. It was pretty upsetting, to be honest.”

When Davis first moved to Baltimore, he had a reputation for hitting baseballs. 2019 seemed to be a change for the first baseman, however, as it seemed like he would never do such a thing again.

“I think we all thought this was a new chapter in Chris’s life,” Orioles manager Brandon Hyde says. “But I guess you can’t change who you are at heart. If you’re a guy who gets pleasure from hitting baseballs, how can you expect that guy to change?”

The video was made public to the media via a Mid-Atlantic Sports Network broadcast of a Red Sox-Orioles game. The broadcast gave the incident national coverage almost immediately.

“I think it’s one thing to hit a baseball in the cages,” teammate Trey Mancini says. “Lots of people do. But to do it on national television, that’s something I never thought Chris was capable of.”

With the baseball world still reeling, Davis did the unthinkable: he hit the ball again. In the fifth inning, Davis laced a double against Sox reliever Heath Hembree.

“That was unbelievable,” Hembree says. “He’d already been seen on national television hitting a ball, media sources all over the world were getting on him for it. Then he hits another ball even harder? Unbelievable.”

After his showings today, including a third hit later in the afternoon, Davis is batting .079 on the year. At this point, it is unknown whether the balls or their families will press charges. The Second String reached out to Chris Davis, but he declined to comment.

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