In Outlandish Gaffe, Cardinals Draft Punter Murray Kyler By Mistake

by Alex Poletti

With the first overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft, the Cardinals could do no wrong. Nick Bosa, Clelin Ferrell and Heisman winner Kyler Murray available, so it seemed like they couldn’t mess this up. In true Arizona fashion, however, they did.

Despite intending to draft the Oklahoma quarterback, the Cardinals announced the name “Murray Kyler,” a backup punter from Old Dominion.

“I honestly thought the guy’s first name was Murray,” Cardinals general manager Steve Keim says of the Heisman winner. “What kind of first name is Kyler?”

A source close to the story says that after Keim informed NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell of their decision to draft Murray Kyler, Goodell continued to seek clarification. However, the Cardinals representative was sure that he was right.

“[Keim] said he wanted to draft Murray Kyler, and I asked if he meant Kyler Murray, but he wouldn’t have it,” Goodell explains. “He just kept on saying ‘I know what I’m doing,’ more to himself than to me. After a few minutes of questioning, I just let him have the pick.”

So who did the Cardinals draft instead of the two-sport athlete? The Second String reached out to the surprise number one draft pick to find out more.

Murray Kyler is a 5’7 specimen who has never thrown a football. He walked on to the Old Dominion football team as a joke, but ended up on the team anyway.

“I never intended to play college football,” the number one overall pick says. “I wanted to prove to some friends of mine how bad Old Dominion’s football team was, and then I ended up on the team. They were so short on players that they immediately put me in a jersey.”

Kyler was as shocked as the Nashville audience. Not intending to get drafted, the punter spent the evening in his parents’ Virginia home, where he was enjoying a nice TV dinner when he got the news.

“I didn’t know I had been drafted until one of my good buddies texted me,” Kyler recalls. “I was just watching ‘Friends’ re-runs, and then I got drafted. I was like, dope.”

It is unclear how the Cardinals will proceed, but Keim is adamant about making the best of the worst situation.

“I guess we’ll sign him,” the general manager says. “Last year we signed Josh Rosen for $11 million, so productivity is clearly the least of our worries.”

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