John Elway Thinks Noah Fant a QB, Mistaking Inability to Throw Football as Top-Tier Quarterback Ability

by Alex Poletti

A source in the Denver Broncos front office has told The Second String that John Elway believes first round pick Noah Fant is a quarterback, despite him running the combine and being officially listed as a tight end.

“We did it boys, we’ve found the next generation’s QB,” Elway told a room of Broncos executives. “After hitting home runs with Paxton Lynch, Trevor Siemian and Brock Osweiler, we’ve gone and done it again.”

Noah Fant has never played a snap at the collegiate level at the quarterback position, nor is he projected to do so on the professional stage. Despite many of his coworkers telling him, the senile Hall of Famer still believes that Fant will back up the aging Joe Flacco at the helm in 2019.

“I remember when he first saw Noah’s tape,” Broncos Senior Vice President of Operations Chip Conway says. “At one point, [Fant] tossed the ball to a ref, underhanded, after the play finished. At that point, John stood up and said ‘that’s our guy.’”

Fant, a backup to eighth overall selection T.J. Hockenson, caught seven touchdowns in 16 games for the Iowa Hawkeyes in 2018. With a 4.50 40-yard dash and a 39.5-inch vertical, Fant is considered one of the best athletes at his position in the class. Elway hopes that his 20 reps will translate to strength at the quarterback position.

Currently, the Broncos have former-Raven Joe Flacco slated to start at quarterback for 2019. Due to his age and decline in 2018, many have speculated that the Broncos would try to attain a younger quarterback at some point in the draft. They were viewed by analysts as unlikely to draft a QB in round one, and, depending on who you ask, they lived up to that expectation.

So far, it seems that the Super Bowl XLVII MVP is not threatened by the tight end’s arrival. In fact, sources say Flacco congratulated Fant and welcomed him warmly to the team.

“Why would I be worried for my job?” Flacco told a reporter for The Second String. “I’m sorry, I don’t understand your question. Are you from a real newspaper?”

Despite Flacco’s ambivalence to Fant’s arrival, Elway believes that there will be some competition for the starting job at training camp.

“I don’t see how everyone doesn’t see that Noah is the next great quarterback,” says Elway, who was responsible for bringing the great Case Keenum to Denver. “He’s 6’5 and he’s white. That sounds like a quarterback to me.”

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