Marshawn Lynch Considers Return to Raiders if They Need More All-Stars to Fracture Their Fibulas

by Alex Poletti

Reported first by Steve Wyche, a source close to star running back Marshawn Lynch has said he would consider returning to the Raiders, given they need another star to fracture his fibula during a playoff push.

“I enjoyed playing in Oakland, and it seems that they have a good group of guys,” the Super Bowl champion tells The Second String. “And if they need a leg to break, it might as well be mine.”

A year after tearing the team down by trading Defensive Player of the Year Khalil Mack and wideout Amari Cooper, the Raiders seem ready to compete, trading for football diva Antonio Brown.

Lynch, who played for the Raiders in the 2017 and 2018 seasons, is heavily considering retirement at age 33. However, such statements should be taken with a grain of salt with Beast Mode, who previously retired after the 2015 season with the Seahawks.

“We could definitely use his veteran presence if we’re going to succeed with our revamped offense,” head coach and by this point sole owner of the Raiders, Jon Gruden says. “And who better to break their leg in week 16 and end our playoff hopes than Marshawn?”

In 2016, MVP candidate Derek Carr suffered a sack by Trent Cole in a week 16 game against the Indianapolis Colts. Carr had to sit out the rest of the season. They then went on to lose their week 17 matchup with the Broncos en route to a Wild Card loss against the Texans.

Luckily, since then Carr has been the pinnacle of health for the Raiders, barely breaking his back in 2017.

Some wonder how Lynch would fit into the offensive scheme after Oakland spent its first round pick on Alabama running back Josh Jacobs. Gruden sees Lynch in a mentor role, helping the young back develop.

“I’m excited to work with the kid,” Lynch says. “I can teach him a lot about shitting on the media and taking fines. He’s a good player, but he’s got a lot to learn.”

If Lynch decides to rejoin the team, which is still a big if, he is prepared to do something no team has ever done before.

“I want to make waves,” the running back says. “I want to get my team down to the one again, but this time, I want to get completely obliterated by a lineman and just get my leg cracked open. I’m sure if Derek [Carr] saw that, he’d get injured just thinking about it.”

This time, however, the Raiders have back ups for both their running back and their quarterback.

“Josh can take over for me,” Lynch continues, “and if throwing furniture off a balcony translates to the gridiron, Antonio Brown could be the best QB in the NFL.”

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