Draymond Green Clearly Doesn’t Understand Phrase ‘Eye for an Eye’

by Alex Poletti

Within minutes of game three against the Houston Rockets, Draymond Green poked MVP-candidate James Harden’s right eye, just one game after causing a laceration in his left. In a postgame interview with The Second String, Green explained that this was “an eye for an eye,” showing he has a complete lack of understanding of the phrase.

The phrase, coined in Hammurabi’s Code, is usually interpreted to mean that a punishment should be equivalent to the crime. It is not without its critics, though, as Gandhi once said “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

For Draymond, making James Harden blind was enough.

“Why is everyone getting on me for this?” Green questions. “Is anyone curious about why his eyes were always at hand level?”

Entering game three, James Harden was already experiencing blurry vision due to the sheer amount of blood in his right eye. The Warriors star defender explains he was just trying to be fair when poking the other one.

“I didn’t want there to be this inequality,” Green says. “One eye shouldn’t have different vision than the other. So I just equaled the playing field.”

Green’s strategy may have backfired, however, as Harden went off, scoring 41 points in an overtime victory.

“It was really hard to see, but I kept on going,” Harden says. “By my estimates, my vision was about as bad as Steph Curry’s with his Keratoconus. I guess the shooting comes naturally after that.”

The Rockets took the game from the Warriors in overtime, winning their first of the Semifinals. They now trail Golden State 2-1.

For Green, however, the worst part may be a personal loss.

“How am I supposed to win the Joe Dumars trophy for Sportsmanship now?” Green says. “I thought this year was my year!”

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