Stoner Disappointed By What ‘Blazers-Nugs’ Series Turned Out to Be

by Alex Poletti

When Denver resident and weed enthusiast Tommy McMahon was asked by a friend if he wanted to see the Blazers and the Nugs play, he had something different in mind. Despite the series featuring one of the best overtime games in recent memory and going to a winner-take-all game seven, McMahon couldn’t help but be disappointed.

“I was expecting something else completely,” McMahon, who listens exclusively to Bob Marley, says. “My friend Joey was like, ‘Yo, man, do you want to watch the Blazers destroy the Nugs?’ and I was like, ‘For sure, dude. Sounds tight.’”

When McMahon showed up to game two of the series at Pepsi Center, he was dazed and confused.

“I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty high at the time,” McMahon says. “But I remember it being pretty whack that I was going into this huge building for a smoke sesh.”

Not completely understanding that he was at a nationally televised playoff game, McMahon tried to light up in his seat. After the smell became overwhelming to nearby fans, security was called. It being Colorado, however, the security just sat down and smoked with him.

“I get it now,” one guard said after taking his third hit. “We are the blazers. Bruh, this game is so meta.”

Despite being disappointed by what he say in game two, McMahon went back for game five when the two teams returned to Denver.

“Honestly, I didn’t even remember what happened in game two,” McMahon says. “My friend Joey was like, ‘Yo, man, do you want to watch another Blazers-Nugs game?’ and I was like, ‘For sure, dude. Sounds tight.’”

By game five, the medical card holder was enjoying the game much more.

“It was a really dope community feel, ya know?” McMahon explains. “At one point, someone offered me a Bud Lite. I thought that meant something different, too, but it’s chill.”

Nearby fans informed him of the two teams’ seasons, explaining all the high points and low points in order to get McMahon more invested.

“Apparently, this CJ McCollum guy got a strain at some point and had to sit out for ten games,” McMahon says. “And I gotta give that guy mad props for bringing some strain on the court.”

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