Trail Blazers Reveal Plan for Seth Curry to Tell Mom if Steph Beats Him Too Badly

by Alex Poletti

In a press conference after Thursday’s loss to the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, Portland head coach Terry Stotts unveiled his plan to defend against two-time MVP Steph Curry by having his younger brother, Trail Blazers guard Seth Curry, tell their mom Steph is beating him up.

The sibling rivalry between Steph and Seth is one of the more interesting aspects of this series, with the older brother even admitting that he hoped his younger brother would make it to the conference finals. So far, the eldest, Warriors superstar Steph, has the advantage in the series, as Golden State leads 2-0.

Steph has been unstoppable in the first two games of the series, scoring 36 in game one and 37 in game two, both tops for the team. With the current plan of attack clearly not working, Stotts hopes to use the sibling relationship to his advantage.

“Basically, if Steph is draining threes, we’re going to have Seth fall down and start crying and claim that his brother pushed him,” Stotts explains. “That way, Sonya Curry will come down and discipline Steph. Hopefully that will keep him cool for a few minutes.”

Although the plan is unorthodox, Seth is ready and willing to help his team in whatever way possible.

“I’ve been training for this,” the younger Curry explains. “When I was younger, sometimes I would intentionally throw myself down the stairs so Steph would get in trouble if he was hogging the TV. The technique is still there, it’s just a matter of applying it on a higher level.”

The strategy is a type of flopping, where NBA players pretend they are hit harder than they were in order to draw a foul. This has the same appeal, except the Blazers are hoping to draw the eye of someone much more powerful than the refs.

The crux of the strategy is that the Curry matriarch, Sonya, will be in attendance. Sonya has watched both games live, so it seems like a good bet she’ll watch the rest of the series. Based on pure respect for his mother, Steph should submit to her commands, according to the Trail Blazers’ strategists.

“I love my momma,” Steph tells The Second String. “The last thing I want is to see her get angry, that’s for sure.”

Using that statement as ammunition, Portland has gotten to work. Substituting players of similar size and stature for the three-time NBA champ, Seth brushes up against them before falling over, sucking his thumb and wailing for his mother.

“We think this will work,” Stotts says. “Regardless, Seth will still be more productive than he has been so far.”

Seth Curry has scored 19 points across two games for the series, over 50 points less than his brother.

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