Kentucky Derby Winner Country House to Sit Preakness, Ponder What He’s Running Away From

by Alex Poletti

After a controversial win at the Kentucky Derby, victor Country House has decided to sit out the Preakness Stakes in order to take a journey of self discovery.

“This is my own decision, which I’ve run by my jockey, friends and family,” the horse says. “I’ve been running for so long, it’s time for me to consider what I’ve been running away from.”

With the $1.8 million purse from the Derby in his bank account, Country House explains that he now has the financial flexibility to take some time for himself and consider the complexities of his life.

“There are so many questions left unanswered,” the three-year-old says. “Like why the hell was I named Country House? What kind of name is that?”

Already, the race horse has been attending weekly therapy sessions to regain the motivation he once had.

“I don’t know, doc,” says Country House, outstretched on his Freudian psychiatrist’s futon. “Sometimes, I just feel like an animal, a prize to be stared at. People don’t respect me for me, don’t treat me like a real person. You know I almost went to art school?”

Mainly, Country House’s racing break will involve some research into genealogy, and hopefully a reconnection with his distant father, 2010 Preakness Stakes winner Lookin At Lucky.

“Rekindling the relationship with my dad is going to be big for me,” Country House says. “I think a lot of my struggles have come from living in his shadow. Getting to know him is going to be big.”

Lookin At Lucky found success as the recipient of the American Champion Three-Year-Old Male Horse of the Year honor in 2010, the same year he won the Preakness, the very race which his son is skipping.

“Yeah, I guess it’s a bit ironic that I’m skipping the race he’s known for,” Country House says. “Guess I’m just sticking it to the man one more time.”

Country House is shipping off to Chile to find his father, who lives in South America during the Southern Hemisphere breeding season.

“I’m excited for this next step in my life,” Country House says. “I’ve heard people ask ‘Do you feel Lucky,’ and I hope to feel his presence for the first time soon.”

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