‘I Don’t Know Where I’m Playing Next Year’ says KD While Covering Up Knicks Apparel

by Alex Poletti

In a press conference Thursday, Warriors forward Kevin Durant repeatedly stated that he had not yet made up his mind about where he will play next year, all while hiding his various Knicks items from the press.

“I’m open to playing anywhere,” Durant said, while turning his Knicks hat backwards. “This? This is just a random baseball cap, don’t worry about what it says. I’ll play anywhere.”

Since NBA playoffs started, reporters have been buzzing about where the 2019 Second Teamer will play next year. The general consensus is that he will head to the New York Knicks, with NBA analyst Ric Bucher calling it a “done deal.” However, KD has thus far denied these claims.

At the press conference, one reporter asked about the Knicks shirt Durant was wearing. He denied it had anything to do with the New York team.

“No, this shirt says nicks, not Knicks,” Durant explained, hiding the K with his Blazer lapel. “Nick is a friend of mine, and we had these shirts made. He just forgot to capitalize the name. That’s what this is about. That’s the whole story, I swear.”

While his story checks out, other signs have indicated that the University of Texas alum will head East next season. Sources close to the athlete confirm that Durant booked a ticket to New York during the first game of the NBA finals, which he will conveniently miss with an injury. He has also sent out hand-crafted RSVP letters to his friends on the Warriors for his housewarming party in New York in July.

“I actually have tickets to see ‘Lion King’ on Broadway,” Durant said in the press conference. “I bought that ticket a long time ago, before I knew there would be a work conflict. It just kind of worked out that I got injured. The Knicks also play in Manhattan? That’s a funny coincidence.”

Despite the obvious signs that the two-time Finals MVP will be leaving the Bay Area, some teammates haven’t yet caught on.

“He keeps on telling me that I should play at the Garden with him,” pending free agent Klay Thompson says. “I didn’t know he had gotten into gardening so much. He’s all about that organic vegetable lifestyle I guess. Good for him.”

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