76ers Process Probably Involves a Few More Years of Losing

by Alex Poletti

After reviewing the ups and downs of the 2018-2019 season, the Philadelphia 76ers have announced that their famous process will probably involve a few more years of losing before it fully comes into effect.

“Looking at our roster for next year and the increasing competition in the Eastern Conference, we find it more and more likely that we should trust the process for a few more years before making a run for it,” 76ers general manager Elton Brand says. “Maybe if we go back to tanking for a few more draft picks, we could be serious contenders in 2022 and beyond.”

After a season that saw the ball club finish third in the Eastern Conference, Philadelphia was taken out by the Raptors in seven games in round two of the NBA playoffs. The Raptors, now one game shy of securing their first ever Finals trophy, look like they will contend for years to come, especially if they can extend Kawhi Leonard. The same can be said for Boston.; however, the Bucks, the NBA’s best team record-wise, will most likely be the force that haunts the East thanks to a young core led by Giannis Antetokounmpo.

“Milwaukee is probably going to make the Finals for the next few years, given that Toronto can’t pull it off again,” Sixers head coach Brett Brown says. “I think if we lay low for a while, we can get in once Giannis starts to age.”

Although the core of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons remains intact past this year, the Sixers will probably be without Jimmy Butler if he elects for free agency. Without the certifiable star power of a Finals contender and a small likelihood of landing Kevin Durant, Philadelphia could look to get the next Zion four or five years down the line.

“Honestly, this was the year to be really, really bad,” Brand reflects. “Zion or Ja could have had a big impact on this team. But no, we had to pretend to be contenders for a year. What a load of horseshit.”

The long wait for a Finals appearance has come with an unexpected benefit, as the 76ers are now the second largest capitalist faith-based organization, after the Catholic Church. Their new status gives them a tax exemption for the stadium they don’t pay taxes on anyway.

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