Cody Bellinger Signed to Record Label After Executives Realize He’s Achieved Teen Idol Status

by Alex Poletti

Early Wednesday morning, Dodgers outfielder Cody Bellinger announced that he officially signed with RBMG Records. This decision comes on the heels of two female, teenage Dodger fans rushing the field, risking arrest to hug the MVP favorite.

For years, Bellinger’s baseball potential has been evident, winning the NL Rookie of the Year award in 2017. However, only recently have people started to notice his immense sex appeal.

“Yeah I see a lot of fans, especially women, getting turned on watching Cody play,” John Vanzuela, a Dodger Stadium worker, says. “Now I know what those free towels they give out before the game are for.”

Some fans go above and beyond in their love for Bellinger, practicing cult-like rituals and performing daring stunts to get the former first baseman’s attention.

“I pray to Cody every night,” the 14-year-old Dodgers fan who hugged Bellinger, whose name has yet to be released to the public, says. “Getting tackled to the ground and handcuffed was worth it just to be close to him.”

When obsessives began risking jail time for some hugs, the music industry knew they had their next star on their hands. No one realized this earlier than rapper Usher, whose company RBMG Records signed Justin Bieber back in 2008.

“This guy’s the real deal,” Usher says. “He’s got the look, he’s got the smile, he’s got the talent. Now we just pray that he can sing.”

Bellinger hopes that this will be a silver lining to the traumatic events that have occurred over the past few days. Just wanting to play baseball, the All-Star candidate thinks that releasing a few Pop albums will satisfy fans and keep them away from the outfield.

“Maybe if I get a few songs recorded, these girls will have their Bellinger fill,” the home run hitter says. “I’d even consider doing an arena tour if it meant I could roam centerfield without getting bombarded with fans.”

According to a source close to the story, Bellinger will record songs during the upcoming homestand. It is rumored that the record label has already written songs for Bellinger to perform, including “I’m the Bat Guy” and “7 (World Series) Rings.”

The Dodgers have publicly backed Bellinger’s decision, hoping that a career in Los Angeles will keep their star with the club long-term.

“We’re glad that Cody has found a community in LA that he can be a part of,” manager Dave Roberts says. “LeBron came to the Lakers for pretty much the same reason, so hopefully that means we can keep Cody here a little bit longer.”

While the Dodgers are behind the 23-year-old phenom, some in the entertainment industry are skeptical of Bellinger’s newfound stardom.

“Until someone shoots a president for you,” Jodie Foster says while smoking a cigarette, “you aren’t a star, kid.”

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