Rapinoe Cites Not Visiting White House as Key Motivation in World Cup Win

by Alex Poletti

On Sunday, the US Women’s National Team won their fourth World Cup and second in a row, led by the politically charged Megan Rapinoe and her 61’ goal. After the game, Rapinoe revealed that her key motivation in the final match was her aspiration to not visit the White House after the victory.

“For the first hour, we were playing pretty hard,” the US midfielder says. “But then I thought about not going to visit Trump in the White House afterwards, and that really pushed me over the top. That’s when I knew I had to score.”

Rapinoe has been an outspoken critic of President Trump during the World Cup, getting into a Twitter feud with the President this past week. Now that Rapinoe knows she won’t be visiting the White House, she can finally rest easy.

“This is really what I was going for,” Rapinoe says. “Having the opportunity to decline a visit to the White House is something I’ve always dreamed of. I’m glad it all worked out this time around.”

The game-winning goal was Rapinoe’s seventh of the tournament, earning her the prestigious Golden Boot award. She won the award despite missing the semifinal against England last week. Again, the Golden Ball winner credits her strong motivation for her success.

“I wanted to play in the final, not just for my team, but for my country,” Rapinoe continues, “and definitely not the people who lead it. What I like about the Golden Boot award is that it’s the same color as Trump’s toilet, so now I have something nice to wipe my ass with.”

Rapinoe, ever the lightning rod, also spurred on the rest of her team with her passion. Rose Lavelle, who scored the game’s second and final goal, remembers the pep talk that got her going.

“We were still tied at zero when Megan pulled us all together in a huddle,” the 24-year-old recalls. “She started talking about how much she didn’t want to go to Washington. I remember she said, ‘Think of the places we won’t go!’ After that, I was ready for anything.”

While they don’t plan on going to Washington, the US team certainly has a celebration in mind, scheduling a team dinner for their last night in France. With their salary, they will have a wonderful Arby’s victory meal.

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