Honorary All-Star Selection Boosts CC Sabathia’s Honorary Hall of Fame Case

by Alex Poletti

In his final season as an MLB player, CC Sabathia was asked to be an honorary participant in the All-Star week festivities. Such an honorary selection definitely boosts the pitcher’s candidacy to become an honorary member of the Hall of Fame.

“We’d love for CC to be in Cooperstown,” President of the National Baseball Hall of Fame Jeff Idelson says. “Not as an active member, of course, but he could watch and be a part of the whole thing. We think it would be a nice gesture.”

CC Sabathia has pitched admirably over his 19-year career, amassing 251 wins and over 3,000 strikeouts thus far. However, a career ERA over 3.70 and a Whip above 1.250 may be enough to keep him out of the Hall.

“CC is a fringe case, not a lock like some of the other pitchers of his generation,” Joe Girardi, who coached Sabathia with the Yankees, says. “I think this honorary all-star bid will help his case. He’s a nice guy and we want to honor his career. Maybe we’ll make a Hall of Fame just for CC.”

Early mock-ups for Sabathia’s own Hall of Fame have been completed in crayon. The shoddy, currently purple and yellow building (based on crayon colors available) would be constructed in Hartwick, NY, a mere couple of minutes away from the real deal.

Although Sabathia didn’t pitch well enough to earn an All-Star nod on his own merit, he is still honored to be a part of the ceremonies, getting a first-row seat for the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game.

“I’m truly humbled to be named as an honorary All-Star,” the 2007 Cy Young Winner says. “It will go great with my honorary Gold Gloves and my participation trophy MVP awards.”

Sabathia received several high fives before and during the All-Star Game for his achievements. If he is lucky, the winning coach might even give him the game ball.

In honor of his impending retirement, Sabathia threw the first pitch at the 90th Midsummer Classic, a whopping 68 MPH fastball. Doctors say the throw put too much stress on his arm and that he might require Tommy John surgery.

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