LeBron James Pens Scouting Report of Son, Still Can’t Look Past Considerable Defensive Liability and Low Basketball IQ

by Alex Poletti

As 14-year-old LeBron James Jr. enters his first year at basketball powerhouse Sierra Canyon, his superstar dad offered a heartfelt scouting report of his son on Twitter in response to a Max Preps article. While he was proud, as all fathers are, he was quick to note that Bronny’s defensive play is a serious concern, and several parts of his game will leave D1 schools wanting more.

“Expect a kid that will play for his teammates,” James’ tweet starts. “Will work hard, pay his dues and when his number is called he’ll make mistakes like any kid but will be ready and coached very well. Honestly, a little undersized for his position. Played well in middle school, but it’s hard to tell if that will transfer to a higher level. Defense of concern, below average shot blocker.”

The string of tweets continued for quite some time, listing all of the potential faults in the prospect’s game. Given the close relationship between the scout and the player, the tweets quickly became personal.

“Doesn’t have a real feel for the playbook,” the fifth tweet says. “Also has trouble washing dishes. Won’t clean his room no matter how many damn times you ask him. Kind of a little shit at times. Has trouble listening to authority, especially when that authority is his father. Unsure how this will translate to the court.”

Regardless of how the three-time Finals MVP’s scouting report is received, it is unlikely that James Jr. will find much playing time, given the talent at Sierra Canyon right now. This past week, the private Los Angeles school added two five-star recruits in BJ Boston and Ziaire Williams. Thankfully, the no-doubt Hall of Famer has some words about how his son might fare on the bench.

“Has trouble sitting still for long periods of time, especially when I gave him coffee,” LeBron continues. “Visits to doctor’s office have always been difficult, especially when vaccines are involved. Scared to death of needles. If no needles, may do better sitting on bench.”

Despite some harsh criticism, it’s easily apparent that the two-time Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year cares deeply for his son, and wants him to succeed. James has previously stated that he would love to play with his son before he retires, much like the Griffeys in the ‘90s.

“Before I’m done, I want to play with Bronny,” James says. “Or play against him, I think that would be fun. If I dunk on his ass, maybe he won’t be so cocky all the time. When I posterize him, that’ll teach his to say please and thank you at the dinner table.

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