Le’Veon Bell Says Sam Darnold ‘Reminds Me of Myself,’ Mainly Because They Both Can’t Throw

by Alex Poletti

After a preseason practice, new Jets acquisition Le’Veon Bell complimented the franchise’s quarterback, former first-rounder Sam Darnold, saying he reminds Bell “a lot of myself.” Bell expounded that the USC product reminds Bell of himself because they both can’t accurately throw a football.

“It’s hard to describe a player like Sam because he’s so much like myself,” Bell says. “When he throws a football, it’s at 30 miles-per-hour tops and barely spirals. That’s about how well I throw the football, too. We’re really just two peas in a pod.”

The comparison is certainly warranted. Darnold finished the 2018-2019 season with the second most interceptions and 17 touchdowns, putting him in a tie for 24th in the league with Ryan Fitzpatrick. While Bell has never thrown the football in any professional capacity, we can assume he’d do about as well.

Bell and Darnold came to join the Jets in very different ways, but both have risen to the top of the organization, which should be enough to prove how terrible New York is. Darnold was drafted in the first round of the 2018 draft, while Bell signed as a free agent after losing $14.5 million dollars pouting for the Steelers last year.

“To be honest, the comparison runs deeper,” Bell continues. “We both have the same drive, the same energy. He’s the kind of guy I could see leading an offense, and then refusing to play because he thinks he deserves more than the GDP of several small countries because he’s good at playing with a ball.”

It seems that the feelings are mutual, as Darnold has shown nothing but respect for the halfback. After practice, they have mused about what a proper pass might look like, with the Pro-Bowler regaling the sophomore with tales of playing with a legitimate signal caller in a far off land called Pittsburgh.

“I can’t say enough about the guy,” the quarterback says of Bell. “I mean, anyone who’s willing to run the ball with that offensive line in front of him is a brave soul. Not to mention, whenever he takes the ball, that’s another pick I don’t have to throw, so that’s always nice.”

It looks like the friendship between the two teammates will continue until the Jets lose weeks 1-3, at which point Bell will begin blaming all the hardships of the team on the quarterback and complain he doesn’t make enough money.

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