Washed Up, Small-Town Star Trying to Make It Big in LA

by Alex Poletti

The Second String recently caught up with a small-town star who just moved to LA with aspirations of making it big. The 33-year-old, named Dwight Howard, has failed to capitalize during his time in smaller markets, but still hopes to succeed in the city of angels.

After some lackluster gigs in Atlanta, Charlotte and Washington, a friend hooked Howard up with a job in LA, giving him some financial security as he makes the move to Southern California.

“I had some work in other cities, but it wasn’t really for me. I guess there were some creative differences between me and the people I worked with,” Howard, who didn’t pursue a college degree, says. “Luckily my friend LeBron has some pull within a certain group of guys, and he really came through for me.”

This isn’t the first time Howard, who claims to have some celebrity where he came from, has attempted to make a name for himself in the LA; after living in Orlando for a few years, Howard moved to Los Angeles in 2012, but soon found that the bright lights weren’t for him.

“I had just moved away from Orlando, where I had made a name for myself, and I thought I was ready for LA,” Howard recalls. “I just don’t think it was a mature decision, but I’ve grown older and wiser now. If I’m ever going to make it down there, now’s the time.”

Howard claims he has talent, but that report is hard to verify. Apparently, Howard’s claim that he performed in some of the biggest venues in the nation, such as Madison Square Garden, is true, but it looks like he performed with a team, not as a solo act.

As with every story of an LA man searching for stardom, the motives run deeper than a mere quest for fame. In this case, it seems that he was washed up and had developed a reputation for being hard to work with. Soon, others in the industry began blacklisting him, for lack of a better word. However, Howard remains strong, and holds the stalwart belief that he will not lose his dignity for his profession.

“Some guys, they come to LA and they’ll do anything to be a star,” Howard explains. “But I’m not willing to sell myself to be successful, you know? Some people would work with their teammates, or practice or take coaching, but I’ll be damned if I do anything like that.”

We wish Dwight the best of luck as he pursues his dreams!

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