Antonio Brown Rips Up Old Friendship Bracelet from Ben Roesthlisberger

by Alex Poletti

Antonio Brown just put kerosene on the feud fire with his former teammate Ben Roethlisberger by claiming the two were never friends after the Pittsburgh Steeler hypothesized calling Brown out after a week-12 interception ruined their friendship. To prove that they are not friends and never were, Brown ripped up a handmade friendship bracelet given to him by the six-time Pro-Bowler.

“Never friends just had to get my ends,” Brown said in a tweet that has since been deleted. “Just shut up already.”

The next post to reach twitter was a video of Brown tearing apart a friendship bracelet with beads reading “AB+Ben.” Despite the malice behind the post, at least fans learned that Brown’s upper body workouts this offseason have been working.

“Honestly, watching him do that—it hurt,” Roethlisberger tells The Second String. “That took a lot of time to put together. I don’t know if you could see in the video, but I used three different colored strings and braided them together. Do you know how hard it is to braid something that small with hands this big?”

This has been the latest outburst in a near year-long fight between the former receiving duo. The fight, which started during a rough year in Pittsburgh that saw the Steelers miss the playoffs for the first time in four years, ended in Brown demanding a trade; despite Brown’s immense talent, the receiver’s reputation as a locker room cancer severely lowered his trade value. The Steelers ended up with just a third-round and fifth-round pick.

Brown’s pettiness isn’t through, yet, however. The Second String reports that the Oakland superstar is sporting a new friendship bracelet. This one reads “D+AB.” The initials have not been officially explained yet, but that hasn’t stopped speculation from running rampant.

“The obvious explanation is that the D stands for Derek, as in Derek Carr,” The Second String analyst Brian Verducci says. “That way, Brown gets back at Big Ben with the quarterback parallelism. Or, we could be misreading it altogether and he could be wearing a “dab” bracelet. Even then, that’s an homage to Cam Newton, no? Regardless, you have to feel bad if you’re Ben Roethlisberger.”

Indeed, the Pittsburgh quarterback was less than thrilled at the news. However, he kept his head up and responded with dignity.

“It’s stupid and I don’t even care,” Roethlisberger scoffs. “I mean, that looks like a pre-bought bracelet. He didn’t even take the time to make it. What kind of friend is that if he just buys the bracelet?”

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