Ezekiel Elliot’s Stay in Cabo Just Ploy to Get NFL Team in Mexico

by Alex Poletti

The Ezekiel Elliot holdout is be over, but not for the reasons we all expected. Although the pro-bowler has flown back to Dallas, and a six year, $90 million deal been reached, this may not have been the intention of the holdout, as the half back reveals his stay in Cabo was just a tactic to get an NFL team in Mexico.

The tenured Cowboy, who was at odds with owner Jerry Jones for quite some time, fled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, instead of attending preseason workouts. Back up Tony Pollard took reps instead, prompting Jones to say “Zeke who?” to the press. Whether this was a backhand to his star or a sign of dementia is still unclear.

While it seemed that Elliot’s stay in Cabo was merely to train while holding out, it has now come to light that the move came from a business standpoint, not an athletic one.

“While abroad, I met with Marshall Faulk, and together in Cabo we discussed deals with several representatives about an expansion franchise,” the Ohio State alum shares. “Sure, it was nice to get swole as hell down there, but I also drew a lot of attention to football in Mexico.”

The NFL has been in contact with Mexico City for years, with a game between the Chiefs and Chargers scheduled in the capital on Nov. 18. The game sets up a global precedent for football, paving the way for expansion franchises abroad.

To take the next step, the NFL needed some star power to convince Mexican officials to get on board. That’s where Elliot enters the picture; a star like him training with our Southern neighbors is great for stirring business.

“The NFL contacted me after my holdout began and asked if I’d want to train in Mexico City,” Elliot says. “I said no, and that that place is a shithole, so they sent me to Cabo instead.”

The meetings were confidential at the time, but statements regarding the issue can now be released due to an official rejection from the Mexican government.

“They balked at the price,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says. “At first, they were skeptical about the billions of dollars in infrastructure needed to support a stadium. After that, they realized that having a player like Zeke alone would cost the GDP of several countries. And on top of that, they’d have to deal with Ezekiel Elliot. It was too much for them.”

So with all this in the books, is the feud with Jerry Jones water under the bridge?

“No, fuck that guy,” Elliot responds.

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