Trout and Yelich Not Done for Season, Just Going to MVP Farm Upstate

by Alex Poletti

With news that Mike Trout will undergo surgery on his right foot, both the American and National League MVP favorites will not play another game for the remainder of 2019. However, the commissioner has assured fans that Trout and Christian Yelich aren’t done for the season, but just resting at a lovely MVP farm upstate.

“They’re not gone, don’t cry,” league commissioner Rob Manfred consoles. “They are staying at a wonderful farm just for MVPs upstate. It has beautifully mowed outfields, and they can hit home runs to their hearts’ content. It’s a lot like the majors, but Angel Hernandez isn’t an umpire there.”

Trout and Yelich were having perhaps the best years of their already stellar careers, each posting the best OPS in his respective league. Trout still has a chance to finish the season leading the AL in home runs, but Yelich looks unlike to finish first in any of the triple crown categories.

“No, you can’t see them, even though they really miss you,” Manfred continues. “But you have to trust me, they’re in a better place now. One day we’ll go up to see them, but we just can’t right now. I hope you understand.”

The news comes as a tough break for both teams, as the Brewers are still in the heat of the race for the NL Central title and the Angels have no way of selling tickets without their star center fielder. Yelich is under contract until 2022, while Trout signed the largest contract in North American sports history, keeping him in Anaheim for the next 11 years.

“Do they have teammates? Oh sure, they have lots of teammates,” Manfred says. “And they win their division every year. They have managers, too. Dusty Baker is putting lineups together every day, while Joe Girardi argues with the home plate umpire. I really wish you could see it.”

The injury is especially concerning for Angels fans, as Trout has not played over 140 games in a season since his 2016 MVP campaign. Regardless, he still put up career highs in home runs and slugging percentage. If Trout wins his third award, it will be the fewest games played in an MVP season since Josh Hamilton’s 2010 campaign.

“I swear the farm is real, truly,” Manfred concludes. “It’s right next to Pete Rose’s Hall of Fame plaque.”

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