Eli Manning Inducted into Manning Family Hall of Fame

by Alex Poletti

On his 15th and final year of eligibility, Giants quarterback Eli Manning was inducted into his own family’s football hall of fame. In an intimate ceremony, the two-time Superbowl winner thanked his family for their support throughout his life, and for voting him into the exclusive club.

“I’m honored to finally be enshrined as one of the finest quarterbacks in my family,” Eli says with tears in his eyes.

In what is likely his final NFL season, Eli becomes the fourth Manning in the Manning football Hall of Fame, joining father Archie, and brothers Peyton and Cooper. Eli was inducted by a 2-1 margin by the current Hall of Fame members.

“I want to thank my family for all they’ve done to help me reach this point in my career,” Eli’s speech continues. “I’d also like to thank them for finally voting for me into the club after 15 years of begging.”

The one dissent came from Eli’s father, Archie Manning. Archie, after whom the New York signal caller is named, sites poor regular season performance and an inadequate peak as the reasoning for his nay vote.

“Although his postseason success is undeniable, his talent has really waned over the past couple of seasons.” Archie says. “He didn’t have the consistency in his later years of some other Mannings. Maybe one day he can be as good as his ol’ pa, but that’s asking a lot. Not many people can match my 67.1 career passer rating.”

While Eli is the fourth member, he’s only the third to be inducted into the Manning Hall of Fame for his playing ability. Cooper, the eldest of the Manning siblings, was inducted as a part of the class of 2012 for his significant contribution to sports journalism.

Eli was the only player on the ballot to be inducted, with matriarch Olivia Williams Manning and honorary Manning Marvin Harrison missing the cut. Eli certainly earned his way into the exclusive club, garnering 362 touchdowns in his career to accompany four Pro Bowl appearances and over 56,000 passing yards. Most of his NFL statistics rank second in Manning family history.

After being officially enshrined as one of the greatest Mannings to ever play the game, the debate is reinvigorated: who is the best Manning to have played in the NFL?

“It’s hard to say where Eli ranks,” Peyton and Archie agree. “I think we’d definitely say top three, though.”

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