Trent Grisham’s Glove Named Player of the NL Wild Card Game

by Alex Poletti

In a close 4-3 victory, the Nationals selected Milwaukee Brewers right fielder Trent Grisham’s glove as their player of the game following a pivotal error that allowed three runs to score. Due in large part to Grisham’s miscue, the Brewers season has come to a close, leaving the Nationals to face the Dodgers in the NLDS.

“I’ve worked hard to get to this point,” Grisham’s glove says. “I’m glad that I can finally be recognized for helping the other team win games when it matters most.”

In the eighth inning with the bases loaded, Nationals sophomore Juan Soto laced a Josh Hader fastball into right field. Due to the Brewers’ field positioning, two runs were destined to score. If the ball had been played properly, the game would have been tied at three entering the final frame. However, Grisham’s glove missed the ball, leading it to roll into deep outfield territory, allowing Anthony Rendon to come home with the winning run.

“We could have given the honor to Juan Soto, who drove in the three,” Nationals manager Dave Martinez says. “Or we could have given it to Josh Hader for blowing the lead if we were so inclined to reward the other team for our success. But really, those two players just helped set the stage for Grisham’s glove to bring it home for us.”

The rookie outfielder joined the squad relatively late, making his debut for the Brewers on August 1. In over 100 at bats, he underwhelmed at the big league level, but still made the postseason roster due to Christian Yelich’s injury. In a poetic turn, Grisham made the error in the very spot where Yelich would have played if not for his broken kneecap.

“I think there is an art to what we accomplished today,” the glove continues. “It’s one thing to field a ground ball—infielders do it every day. But to just barely miss it and allow it to roll until friction halts it, inflicting more pain on Wisconsinites with each rotation, it’s magic.”

The Nationals hope to carry their success into Los Angeles, but look to do so without their star player.

“It’s going to be difficult winning games without egregious mistakes from the opposing defense,” shortstop Trea Turner says. “We’ll do our best, of course, but it’ll be a different monster to do it without a subpar fielder cracking under pressure on the other team.”

If Washington goes all the way, the team intends to mail an oversized ring to Grisham to fit around his glove.

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