Opinion: Gardner Minshew the Next Tom Brady in Terms of Likelihood to Support Donald Trump

by Alex Poletti

After an impressive four games, Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew has become one of the most exciting players to watch in the league this year. A classic underdog story, the Washington State alum was taken in the sixth round, and was only given a chance to start due to Nick Foles’ injury in week one. Such a start has conjured comparisons with one of the game’s all-time greats: Tom Brady.

Can we really say Minshew is the new Brady? While it may be too soon to make a call talent-wise, politically, we can assert that Minshew is the most likely to take up Brady’s mantle as the league’s biggest Donald Trump supporter.

It’s easy to point out the similarities between these two—both sixth-round draft picks with intelligent decision making—it’s important to note that the quarterbacks took different routes to becoming the game’s staunchest conservative pundits.

Brady was raised in California, not the most auspicious start for a future Trump supporter. Nevertheless, he persisted, growing up deep within the Catholic church and eventually finding himself in the slightly more conservative state of Michigan before settling in New England. If Brady represents the more elitist, metropolitan brand of conservatism, Minshew is the perfect counter.

Gardner Minshew II (there is no Gardner Minshew I) grew up in rural Mississippi and sports a Tom Selleck mustache. Though not many facts are known about his personal life, it’s easy to assume that as a Southern football player, he’s probably baptist as hell. However, his journey to the NFL Republicanism is not without a hitch, either, as he scored a 42 on the Wonderlic; his high intellect doesn’t fit the stereotypical mold of a dumb, low-class conservative hick.

Minshew hasn’t officially come out as a Trump supporter, but his Florida Man antics are certainly suggestive enough. It’s easy to assume that if Tom Brady stood for the national anthem while more than 200 players around the league knelt, Gardner Minshew would be standing with his dick out, painted as the American flag.

Can Minshew join Tom Brady as one of three starters to win a Super Bowl in their first season? Can he spend 20 years with one team? Right now, it’s hard to say. But there is something poetic about naming a man from a swamp as the next supporter of the man who wants to drain one.

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