20-Year-Old Phenom Juan Soto Rushes Back to Psych Lecture After Skipping Class to Play in World Series

by Alex Poletti

The hero in game one against the Houston Astros, Washington Nationals left fielder Juan Soto couldn’t celebrate long, as the 20-year-old had to rush back to the psych lecture he skipped to play in the World Series.

“I’d love to stay guys, but I really have to head out,” Soto said after the game. “I’ve already missed a lot of Professor Ward’s lecture, and I’m still a little fuzzy on the function of the hippocampus. I hope I can catch the last half-hour or so.”

The sophomore (both in academic and professional athletic standing) was the clear standout in the first game of the Fall Classic, hitting an opposite-field homer against Cy Young-candidate Gerrit Cole and collecting three RBIs. While at the plate, though, Soto admits his mind was elsewhere.

“I want to say I was locked in, but I couldn’t get my mind off how much material I was missing,” Soto says. “Luckily, my classmate Karen said she’d share her notes with me, so that took my mind off of the situation and let me focus on the task at hand.”

Soto tells The Second String that he was successfully able to sneak back into the lecture hall without being noticed by the professor.

“I was able to get in right at the end and sign the attendance sheet like nothing else happened,” last year’s NL Rookie of the Year runner-up says. “As long as Professor Ward didn’t tape the World Series game, she’ll have no idea that I was gone.”

With fall break coming up and midterms behind him, Soto can now focus all his efforts on helping his team win the World Series for the first time in franchise history. That, too, however presents challenges for the young stud.

“The whole champagne thing might be a little tricky,” the under-aged outfielder explains. “Luckily, I have this super convincing fake from Nebraska, so that should do the trick.”

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