Kevin Durant Wages Twitter War Against Stray Cat Who Looked at Him Wrong

by Alex Poletti
Photo by Nicole Sweeta / USA TODAY Sports

With an entire year with nothing to do but tweet as his team struggles around him, Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant has waged a Twitter war against a stray cat in his neighborhood who looked at him the wrong way.

“I ain’t about these looks this cat has been giving me,” Durant tweeted on Thursday. “He doesn’t know what I’ve been through. He doesn’t understand how hard it was to break into the Warriors clubhouse.”

Over the offseason, Durant developed a reputation for being sensitive to any criticism about his play, clubhouse presence, decisions on where to sign, clothing and dietary choices. Out with an Achilles injury, the two-time Finals MVP has turned to Twitter to vent.

The latest victim of Durant’s wrath is a stray cat near Durant’s Brooklyn apartment. According to sources close to the scene, the cat nicknamed Frosty by neighborhood locals has come by Durant’s apartment and stared at the door for a couple of minutes.

“Frosty out here like he owns the damn neighborhood,” Durant’s seventh tweet starts. “He can talk to me when he has wins two finals. I’ve given that cat food, too. Snakes in the grass, I tell ya.”

Many in the sports world—and in the neighborhood—think that Durant may be taking the cat’s looks out of context, given that he probably just wants food and doesn’t have the cognitive capacity to properly critique Durant’s decision making in the basketball world. However, telling Durant that the cat probably doesn’t know who he is only made the situation worse.

“This cat straight up walking around the neighborhood not even knowing who I am,” Durant says. “I’m the guy that’s bringing basketball back to Brooklyn. Does that mean nothing to this cat?”

Durant may still be emotional from the bitter end of his tenure as a Golden State Warrior, when he tore his Achilles in a Finals loss, forcing him to miss all of the 2019 season. This didn’t affect his free agency though, as he still received a supermax contract from the Brooklyn Nets.

The question still lingers on if Frosty the cat has any animosity towards the injured forward, or if he just wants some food. The Second String was able to reach out to the stray, and for the first time ever, his side of the story is being heard.

“I just think joining the Warriors was a soft decision, man,” Frosty says. “I don’t know if I’m ever going to forgive him for that.”

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