Astros Fans Eagerly Await Sports Illustrated to Predict Next World Series Championship

by Alex Poletti
Photo by Alex Trautwig / MLB Photos / Getty

Down two games to zero in the 2019 World Series, Houston Astros fans have turned back to Sports Illustrated to predict their next World Series win, who called their 2017 championship run in 2014.

“It looks like we can’t win one on our own,” Astros fan Tom Deckelmann says. “But if we can get Sports Illustrated to run a quick cover about our comeback before game three, we may be able to pull this off.”

In an article for their June 2014 edition, sports writer Ben Reiter praised the then-tanking Astros’ farm system, explaining that they had what it took to win it all in just three years. His prediction turned out to be correct, but now the Astros faithful fear that they may only be able to win with the consent of the famed sports magazine.

“It doesn’t matter when or where they predict it, but it’s gotta happen,” Deckelmann continues. “I don’t care if it’s on the front cover or in a blurb in the body issue. They just have to print something quick.”

In 2017, the Astros handled the Dodgers in seven games for the first championship in franchise history. Back in the Series in 2019, their attempt to create a dynasty has not started off well, with Juan Soto leading the Nationals to victory in game one and an imploding bullpen creating a nine-run deficit in game two.

Because the magazine prints monthly and the October issue just came out with no mention of the Astros winning the Fall classic, fans fear that their season may be over. However, they are open to loopholes to give their team a chance.

“It still counts if SI tweets it, right?” Houston resident Rebecca Lawrence says. “As long as it’s coming from their mouth I say that counts.”

Most fans, however, disagree with Lawrence, saying that unless it is in print, it doesn’t count as a true prediction. This has led many Houston fans to prepare for another drought.

“The Astros are imploding in October. This is a disaster,” Astros die-hard Rob Gonzalez says, sporting a cap and an Altuve jersey. “Even if Sports Illustrated comes through, it’s usually a three-year wait before anything comes of it. So I’m getting ready for the worst. I haven’t prepared for a disaster this bad since Harvey came through.”

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