Selfish Prick Jimmy Butler Chooses Dumb Kid Being Born Over Team

by Alex Poletti
Photo by ESPN

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler showed just how much of an asshole he is after opting to take two days off to witness the birth of his dumb daughter instead of playing in the Heat’s first game of the season against the Memphis Grizzlies.

“I get that he wants to be with his girl, but we’ve got business to attend to,” Erik Spoelstra, coach for the Miami Heat, says. “A child being born isn’t that special, it happens like six times a second. How many opening days are there in a season? One.”

Butler is the centerpiece of Miami’s team this year, after agreeing to a deal nearing $150 million in a sign-and-trade with the Philadelphia 76ers. He showed what that money was worth this week by skipping the season’s opener to see his young child. Not only did the shooting guard miss the first game of the season, but the Marquette graduate is opting not to travel with his team for a two-game road trip to Milwaukee and Minnesota.

The topic has become a subject of hot debate around the league, with many players coming to his defense, while even more came out to attack him.

“I just think it’s an excuse to get stay in Miami instead of heading up North to the Midwest,” former Miami icon LeBron James says.

Not only have his teammates come out against Butler for his decision, but his opponents aren’t very happy about the call either.

“You can’t pick your kid over your team,” Milwaukee Bucks shooting guard Kyle Korver says. “He’s letting them down. He’s supposed to play against me and my squad and he’s not showing up for them, and he’s not showing up for the fans. Not to mention, Jimmy’s daughter was born out of wedlock, so she’s not even a legitimate heir.”

A former teammate of Korver has similar thoughts, agreeing that being a teammate is more important than being an attentive father.

“He ain’t a good teammate,” Cleveland Cavaliers big man Tristan Thompson says. “He’s gotta be more like me, follow my example. I’m such a good teammate that when my kids are born, I don’t even know about it.”

4 thoughts on “Selfish Prick Jimmy Butler Chooses Dumb Kid Being Born Over Team”

  1. A Child is a gift from God, you can replace money, if you get hurt the money will not matter, a life is much different. Everyone doesn’t prioritize the same!


  2. This story must be a joke. Any decent father would want to be there for the birth of a child. Anyone who chooses basketball over his child is a really big pile of steaming dog shit.


  3. I am very proud of him. It is just as much as his responsibility to be there to witness the birth of his child. For Erik to say this, he is really cruel , calling his child “dumb kid” and it only happens like 6 times a second. What if someone felt that way about you guys when you were being born? Were your FATHER at your birth?


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