Golden State Warriors Unaware They Can’t Tank for Tua Tagovailoa

by Alex Poletti
Photo by Noah Graham

Over the course of human history, an axiom holds true: all dynasties fall. For the 2019 Golden State Warriors, this hits especially hard. Despite losing Steph Curry for the season, leaving only Draymond Green to lead a squad of G League-level players, Golden State remains surprisingly optimistic. An insider reports to The Second String that optimism remains high because the Warriors don’t know they can’t tank for a chance to draft Tua Tagovailoa.

“The dynasty is not over,” Warriors general manager Bob Myers says after an overtime loss to Minnesota, their seventh of the young season. “I admit, this might not be our year. But if we keep up our current pace, Chase Center will be graced by the presence of Tua Tagovailoa next season. I think our fans are going to enjoy that.”

Tagovailoa is the quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide and is considered by many to be the top prospect in the NFL draft. He has 27 passing touchdowns and over 2,000 yards in the air this season in just seven games. He’s undoubtedly a great prospect, but unfortunately for the Warriors, he doesn’t play basketball.

“Tua’s natural skill combined with his innate sense of leadership is going to give our team the boost it needs,” head coach Steve Kerr agrees. “The scouts say he’s a great passer. I’m really interested in integrating that into our game plan for 2020.”

The Warriors have the second worst record in the NBA right now, leading only the New Orleans Pelicans. After losing Kevin Durant to Brooklyn this offseason, things only went further south for the San Franciscans, as Klay Thompson underwent a season-ending surgery to repair his torn ACL in July. Now, without Curry, Thompson, Durant or any depth, only Green and off-season pickup D’Angelo Russell are left. Doctors report that both may face serious back injuries for carrying the team so much.

Despite their hopes of drafting a player who intends and always has intended to play solely in the NFL, the Warriors are setting realistic expectations for how the team might perform next year.

“More than anything, we’ve been struggling on the defensive side of the ball,” Myers explicates. “The team gave up 141 points in the season opener, the most under Steve [Kerr]. As happy as getting Tua will make me, I’ve heard that he doesn’t play any defense at Alabama, so this is still going to be a problem moving forward.”

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