Following Unnecessary Display of Aggression, Myles Garrett Hired by Cleveland Police Department

by Alex Poletti
Photo by AP Photo/David Richard

With just seconds left in the fourth quarter of a convincing win against the Steelers, Myles Garrett decided to take out some aggression on Pittsburgh quarterback Mason Rudolph, hitting him with his own helmet before being tackled to the ground by two offensive linemen. Facing suspension, Garrett found a silver lining after being offered a job as an officer for the Cleveland Police Department.

“What we saw on Thursday was an unnecessary display of force from a violent man,” Cleveland police chief Calvin Williams says. “It was a no-brainer to hire him. He fits right in with the Cleveland police force.”

The fight started pursuant to a garbage time completion from Mason Rudolph in the Pittsburgh red zone. Already behind a considerable margin as the clock ticked down, there seemed to be no reason for the fracas. However, Garrett lost his cool and committed what some call the most egregious act on a football field in recent memory. He faces an indefinite suspension.

“The fact that he’s suspended actually helps us on multiple fronts,” Williams continues. “Most importantly, it means he won’t have anything to do for the next few months, so there’s no reason he shouldn’t join the force. Second, it seems like half of police officers are indefinitely suspended for violent acts, so it just pads his already-impressive resume.”

Cleveland has had its fair share of scandals over the past few years, with 14 officers facing decertification and a sergeant getting involved with soliciting prostitution. This fits into the larger narrative of American policing in recent history. Many citizens have criticized the institutional problems begetting violence and corruption.

“Everyone knows that not all police are bad people,” Williams clarifies. “Most of us are just doing our jobs to the best of our ability. But it doesn’t hurt to have someone like Myles Garrett to make the rest of us look a little better.”

Garrett was the first overall pick in 2017. The Texas A&M alum was named to a Pro Bowler in 2018 and is generally considered to be one of the premier defensive ends in the NFL. However, problems with his character have begun to arise.

“What I really love about Garrett as a potential officer is that two linemen came and kicked him at the end of the fight,” Williams concludes. “That allows us to pretend he was the victim in all this, which is very important for our press.”

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