Experts Quickly Retract Michael Vick Comparisons After Lamar Jackson Adopts Two Pit Bulls

by Alex Poletti

Realizing that their prediction may have been too accurate, many analysts are retracting their Michael Vick comparisons vis-à-vis Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson after the MVP contender adopted two pit bulls and bought a large property in Surry County, Virginia.

“I know I said he was the next Michael Vick, but now I want to take that back,” ESPN host Max Kellerman says. “How do we feel about Randall Cunningham? Steve Young? Maybe a Deshaun Watson plus? There’s gotta be some other way to contextualize this guy.”

After taking the reins late last season for the Ravens, Jackson has burst onto the season as one of the league’s premier offensive players. With 876 rushing yards on the season and a few weeks left to go, he looks primed to join Vick as the only other quarterback with 1,000 yards on the ground in a season.

“On the ground, he’s a clear Mike Vick 2.0,” fantasy football guru Matthew Berry says. “Do the dogs tend to support a comp off the field? It’s hard to tell. Right now, Lamar only has two pit bulls, so if he wants to catch Vick, he’ll need about 48 more.”

Vick, the first overall pick in 2001, enjoyed a successful career in the NFL, developing a reputation as the league’s best rushing quarterback. He didn’t enjoy the same success off the field, running into numerous scandals, most notoriously getting convicted for running an illegal dog fighting ring in 2007.

“You can’t compare Jackson to Vick, you just can’t,” sportswriter Michael Lombardi says, retracting a previous comparison between the two. “They played in completely different eras. When Mike was in the league, players could actually go to jail for things they did. Now, we have rapists and wife-beaters like Jameis Winston and Adrian Peterson having strong careers post-crime. To even suggest that Vick and Lamar would have the same trajectory given these circumstances is heinous.”

Previously, Michael Vick has stated that he has a “good relationship” with the 22-year-old quarterback, and that Jackson is a “spitting-image of himself.” It seems that now analysts are finally starting to realize what that means.

“Jesus, Lamar, stay away from the dogs!” Kellerman continues. “That’s a big no-no in the NFL. Stick to mistreating women and children like the rest of the league and stay out of trouble!”

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