Robber Leaves Cowboys Season Tickets After Breaking Into Dallas Man’s House

by Luke DePalatis
Photo by Getty

On the evening of December 5th, 2019, Dallas native Carl Hughes was returning home from a local bar after witnessing the horrific defeat of the Dallas Cowboys to the Chicago Bears. Hughes immediately noticed something was amiss the second he pulled into his driveway, quickly realizing his house had been broken into.

“My door was left open,” Hughes says in an exclusive interview with the Second String. “I’m normally very careful to lock my doors before I leave. When I entered the house, naturally brandishing my Smith and Wesson, I was surprised to notice everything seemed normal. That’s when I saw it.”

Though nothing had been stolen, when Hughes entered his kitchen he was horrified to see a stack of Cowboys tickets sitting on his kitchen counter.

“Excuse me, but it’s just hard to talk about,” a tearful Hughes says. “How can one man be so… cruel? That’s when I called the police to inform them about the situation.”

Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall informed The Second String about the ongoing police investigation, including the ways in which the county is trying to support Hughes through this difficult time.

“Our operatives quickly arrived at the scene and locked the block down” Chief Hall says. “Our biohazard team was able to extract the tickets from the house and deliver them to a secure location, where they’ll hopefully never be seen again. Whoever the perp is, we at the Dallas Police force are making it our top priority to find and apprehend him.”

Chief Hall also made it clear that the perpetrator’s actions do not represent the Dallas community at all, who want nothing to do with the Cowboys. Dallas police have created a profile according to witness testimony, and they’ve informed the community to keep a lookout for a short, old, white-haired, fair-skinned man who dresses like a multi-billionaire and responds to the name “Jerry.”

Hughes has been recovering and is currently in grief counseling, struggling from a severe case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Just the idea of watching another Dallas game, let alone in person, has been plaguing Hughes ever since the break in.

“I think it’ll get easier,” says Hughes. “According to my therapist, I should be ready to get hurt again by September of next year.”

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