Francisco Lindor on Reds Trade Rumors: ‘I’d Love to Explore the Best Other Cities in Ohio’

by Alex Poletti
Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Finally speaking to reporters for the first time about potentially being traded to the Cincinnati Reds, Indian shortstop Francisco Lindor tells The Second String that he looks forward to the opportunity of exploring the great world of the one other major city in Ohio.

“I love traveling and seeing new places,” the two-time Silver Slugger says. “Traveling the country and learning about new American microcultures has always been a big plus of playing in the big leagues. That’s why it would be so great to move from Cleveland to Cincinnati and really get a taste of the different styles of life in America.”

According to Mark Feinsand of, the Reds have emerged as front runners in the Lindor sweepstakes. With young prospects such as Nick Senzel, Hunter Greene and Jonathan India, they have the attractive pieces to get a blockbuster done. This wouldn’t be the first time the teams swapped players, as the two Ohio franchise agreed on a deal that sent Trevor Bauer to Queen City before the trade deadline.

“Can I trade in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for the indoor botanical garden at the Krohn Conservatory?” Lindor muses. “It’s hard to say. Both have such robust cultural significance. It would be a strange adjustment period, to be sure. You can never really be sure how much things change from one side of the Buckeye State to the other.”

Despite the gossip, it’s difficult to predict where Lindor where actually land, or if he will move at all. The Indians still have two years of team control left, and a generational talent like the All-Star shortstop may be hard to part with, regardless of the package. Still, it’s possible that Cleveland may get overwhelmed by a deal from the Dodgers or Mets if the Reds can’t pull the trigger.

“Going to New York or LA would be cool I guess,” Lindor responds. “There’s some interesting cultural landmarks and touristy things going on, I hear. But can either really hold a candle to the city a few hours Southwest on the Ohio River? I can’t step down from the diversity and history of Cleveland to a city like New York or LA.”

Lindor further explained that if the next city he plays in has a lower beer garden-per-capita rate than Cleveland, he’ll immediately demand another trade to a more cultured American town.

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