BREAKING: Sean McVay to Return to Work as Underwear Model Following Disappointing Season

by Alex Poletti
Photo by Getty

Amidst a disappointing 8-7 season which just saw the Rams officially eliminated from the playoffs, head coach Sean McVay announced to The Second String that he will return to his old job as a hand and underwear model instead of helming the Los Angeles franchise.

“This was a really tough decision for me,” McVay, who led the Rams to a Super Bowl last season, says. “It was between my love for football and the nation’s love of my ridiculous washboard abs. I think I’m doing what’s best for everyone, and that’s what’s gonna help me sleep at night.”

At the time of his hiring, McVay was the youngest coach in NFL history, donning the headset at just 30 years old, younger than some of his players. Entering the coaching arena was a risky choice for McVay to begin with, as he was still in the prime of his modeling career.

“The only reason I actually got the coaching job in the first place is because I did an ad campaign where I held a football,” McVay explains. “The LA ownership saw me and said, ‘That’s about the amount of effort we feel like putting into our head coach search,’ and that’s how it all went down.”

McVay is known for having one of the sharpest jawlines in all of coaching, with only Giants manager Gabe Kapler having a more defined facial structure. The uncertainty of the Rams’ future gave the third-year coach the perfect opportunity to step back from the game and pursue his first love.

“I can’t wait to get back into the uniform that really counts,” McVay says. “Despite wearing almost no clothes at all, it’ll be better than the uniform I was wearing before working for the Rams.”

The decision seems like a personal one for the reigning NFL Coach of the Year, but there may still be business involved. Bryan DeArdo of CBS Sports reports that the Rams will shake things up during the offseason. McVay may just be avoiding the crunch.

“I know that we didn’t have as great of a season as we would have hoped,” McVay acquiesces. “It’s possible that if I hadn’t accepted the modeling deal, the only time I’d be using a clipboard next year is when taking orders outside of the drive thru.”

One company told The Second String that they expect to use McVay often as part of a “Before and After” pair, with Andy Reid being the “Before.”

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