Tension in Lakers Locker Room After LeBron James Gifts Anthony Davis Razor for Christmas

by Alex Poletti
Photo by Getty Images

Christmas morning was fraught with tension for the two Los Angeles Lakers stars, as LeBron James got his teammate Anthony Davis a razor for the holidays, which the former Pelicans big man didn’t appreciate at all.

“He’s trying to get me to shave the brow,” Davis says. “I’m not even that hurt that he wants me to shave, it’s just that he won’t come right out and ask me about it. I’m above this petty shit, you know?”

The locker room has been in an interesting state due to a three-game skid which the squad hopes to end today against the crosstown Clippers. On top of that, both James and Davis are nursing injuries, meaning they’ve spent more time off the court together than usual.

“We’ve both been benched a little bit, and I’ve started to notice the little things,” James explains. “Like, does he really need that unibrow? I think people will recognize him without it. And the beard is getting a bit out of hand, too. I thought I’d just give him the option with my Christmas present. He doesn’t have to use it.”

Since entering the league, Davis has been known as “the brow,” a term coined in honor of his magnificent unibrow. In the past year, Davis has also grown out his beard, perhaps in an attempt to become the tallest mall santa on record.

“I thought I’d include a little photo of him from 2018, when he didn’t have all the facial hair,” James says. “Then, I used some white-out to erase the brow. Granted, the skin-tone didn’t really match but I think he got the point.”

This rift comes at the worst time for the one-seed Lakers, as they face perhaps their toughest opponent in Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers.

“LeBron told me he wanted to give out Christmas presents, and I thought that was a great idea,” head coach Frank Vogel says. “I thought it would be a good bonding exercise for the team ahead of the big Christmas day game. I didn’t realize it would turn out so poorly.”

Now, it’s unclear how James and Davis will play together with the newfound struggle. However, James may not know how Davis truly feels, as he reacted as any gift-receiver would.

“Oh wow, this is nifty!” Davis said through a clenched jaw. “I’ve always wanted one of these. I don’t know if it’s for me right now, but it’s a cool thing to have just in case. What a thoughtful gift. You really shouldn’t have.”

Surprisingly, James’s gift wasn’t the pettiest of the day: amid trade rumors, Kyle Kuzma gave general manager Rob Pelinka a card reading “free cap space,” before walking out of the room and hiding under the bleachers.

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