Patrick Mahomes Asks State Farm If He Can Insure Playoffs

by Alex Poletti
Photo by Getty Images

With a lengthy history of failure under the brightest lights, 2018-19 NFL MVP and commercial face of State Farm Patrick Mahomes asked the company if he could insure the playoffs with the Kansas City Chiefs, given the team’s unfortunate track record.

“I believe in our chances, sure,” the third-year quarterback says. “But we still have to get through the Ravens and Bill Belichik to get to the Super Bowl, and it’s nice to have some protection for my investment, just in case.”

Despite boasting one of the league’s most prodigious offenses over the past two seasons under Mahomes, the Chiefs haven’t been able to translate their regular season strengths into playoff success. Entering the 2019 playoffs with a bye, Kansas City was able to beat Indianapolis at home to move onto the AFC Championship. Unfortunately, they couldn’t keep the momentum going, losing to the Patriots in overtime.

“I know I don’t have the best history when it comes to the playoffs, so the premium will be outrageous,” Mahomes reasons with a State Farm representative. “But we do have a first-round bye, so that has to count for something. Don’t you think you can work something out for the face of your advertising campaign?”

A position long held by Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes has started to split time with the future Hall of Famer as a star of several television ads for the insurance giant. While still in a mentee role, he may take the reins from the Super Bowl XLV champ after his retirement.

“I’m sure we can work something out for you, Mr. Mahomes,” State Farm agent Jake Lepak says to the Kansas City superstar. “We can cover air raids and blitzes, but we can’t cover the whole loss. 50 years without a Super Bowl berth isn’t something our insurance is ready to tackle. Not to mention, Andy Reid is your coach, which is a known liability. We aren’t responsible for intentionally caused harm to the team, which having Reid as a head coach in the playoffs certainly qualifies as.”

Reid is one of the most respected head coaches in the league, accruing 219 wins over the span of his 21-year career. That would be impressive if he had ever one a Super Bowl in any of those 21 years, which he has not.

Still, Mahomes got a good deal from State Farm, much better than the “Discount Double Checkdown” approach of former Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith.

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