Blake Griffin Considering Season-Ending Comedy Career

by Alex Poletti
Photo by Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

After a trip to Los Angeles to meet with a specialist on the subject, Detroit Pistons forward Blake Griffin is reportedly mulling over a season-ending comedy career. The former Clippers star has been limited to just 18 games this season because of comedy-related issues.

“It’s something I have to seriously consider,” Griffin says. “I need to take care of my comedy career, because that will affect me for the rest of my life. It’s important to nurse it now, even if I may not be able to play because of it.”

A comedy career would include several visits to Montreal for the Just For Laughs festival, where Blake Griffin could operate. He may need to seek a second opinion at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles, which would further halt his basketball endeavors.

“We could be talking weeks out of the schedule just for a few simple comedy procedures,” Jeff Ross, a friend of Griffin’s and a fellow comic, says, “not to mention all the time in between to write material and rehabilitate sets at local clubs. The timetable doesn’t look promising for a 2020 return.”

This is not good news for a Detroit team that is already struggling. With a 13-24 record, the squad ranks 11th in the Eastern Conference. Other than a lottery pick, there isn’t much to look forward to. Management is already looking to rebuild, shopping All-Star teammate Andre Drummond.

“A comedy career could be devastating for the season,” Pistons head coach Dwane Casey says. “If we want any chance at coming back this season, we need Blake. If starting a comedy career now is just a precaution and not a necessity for him, I hope he takes a risk and comes back to play.”

Griffin has started making his mark on the comedy scene in recent years, performing in the world-renowned Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, as well as hosting his own comedy night for charity. However, his biggest hit came when he appeared on the Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin, performing one of the best-reviewed sets of the night.

Still, it’s uncertain if it’s vital to launch his comedy career midseason. While it certainly helps to start as soon as possible, Griffin could potentially wait until the offseason, but he’d lose out on lucrative opportunities to play venues and festivals throughout the spring.

“It’s hard to say,” LeBron James, who briefly ventured into comedy with a supporting role in the Amy Schumer film “Trainwreck,” says. “You never want to play too much on the court if your comedy career is really nagging you. If you don’t treat that, it could become a serious issue later on.”

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