Joe Burrow on National Title: ‘Thank God I Won This, Because I’m Never Winning a Game in Cincinnati’

by Alex Poletti
Photo by USA Today

Ending a historic college season with a national championship, LSU quarterback Joe Burrow was filled with nothing but gratitude. This gratitude wasn’t for coach Ed Oregon or the amazing season he shared with his teammates, but because he was able to win one last game before getting drafted by the worst team in football, the Cincinnati Bengals.

“Thank God I won this, because I’m never winning a game in Cincinnati,” the Heisman winner says. “It’s good to know what a championship feels like. A shame that this is the only time in my life I’ll ever know what this is like.”

Burrow was phenomenal in the final game of the college season, just like he was all year long. Despite having his worst completion percentage of the season by a wide margin, Burrow still had five touchdowns in the game, besting the FBS record of passing touchdowns in a season set by Colt Brennan of Hawaii in 2006.

“This team was truly great,” Burrow reminisces. “That’s the last time in my career that sentence will be applicable to my team. I can’t say I’m excited to move from [Biletnikoff winner] Ja’Marr Chase to an A.J. Green who’s still in the hospital.”

Greatness comes at a cost for many. For Batman, it was the murder of his parents. For Joe Burrow, it’s playing for the Cincinnati Bengals. His stellar year in Louisiana has unfortunately made him consensus top pick in a quarterback-hungry draft. The owner of that pick is Cincinnati, who finished the season 2-14. The first win came against the Jets in week 13, and their second in the final week of the year against the Cleveland Browns, the one team that is more of an embarrassment than their Ohio neighbors.

“I come from Ohio, so I know how shitty it’s going to be,” Burrow says. “This was the only time that someone moving to Louisiana worked out for them.”

To win the title, Burrow and the Tigers warded off the defending champion Clemson squad, led by Trevor Lawrence. The two are considered to be among the best quarterbacks in college, and also share the distinction of being the two whitest people in all of sports.

“It was an honor to play against Trevor,” Burrow says. “It’s comforting to know that when we both quit because we play for teams that couldn’t even stay afloat in the Big 10, we could meet again in a Starbucks, yacht club or Vineyard Vines somewhere.”

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One thought on “Joe Burrow on National Title: ‘Thank God I Won This, Because I’m Never Winning a Game in Cincinnati’”

  1. Good , one of the best team wins I’ve seen in a long time. Two of the best quarterbacks in college. It’s a shame he has to go to Cincinnati where his talents won’t be realized. He’ll get injured and be out a long time come back loose get injured then be done or gun shy. Wish I had the money , I’d buy a team go out get the best linemen and surrounding support for him . If the team didn’t win the first season out , I’d get another line with o do so. I know football, team and how to coach as good or better than , fact , 24 of the 26. Good luck Joe in your hunt for Red October.


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