Jason Garrett Hired as Giants’ Offensive Coordinator, to Become Lone Man Clapping for Giants in MetLife Stadium

by Alex Poletti
Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The New York Giants confirmed on friday that former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has agreed to become the next offensive coordinator of the New York Giants following disappointing seasons for both parties. As an added benefit, Garrett will become the first and only person to clap for the Giants’ offense next season.

“We are happy to have Jason on board for the 2020 season and beyond,” John Mara, president and CEO of the Giants, says. “We don’t know if he can possibly help this horrible excuse for the team, but it’ll be nice for Daniel Jones to get some applause on the sidelines. It should be good for morale.”

While Garrett’s 2019 season for the Cowboys ended in disaster, the Princeton graduate became something of an internet sensation for his propensity to clap after every play, regardless of the outcome. This led to numerous memes, headlines and a twitter account being created.

“We are definitely aware of the clapping,” Mara continues. “In fact, it’s the main reason we hired him. We couldn’t let MetLife stadium be completely silent during every home game. Now at least there will be some meager applause after ever down. It’s not as good as having actual Giants fans, but it’s close enough.”

The Garrett hiring is the latest in a slew of coaching signings for the New York Football Giants, who recently hired former Patriots wide receivers coach Joe Judge as their new head coach. For those unfamiliar with Judge’s resume, he is to the 2020 NFL coaching carousel as Daniel Jones was to the 2019 quarterback class.

“I think this change of pace is going to be good for me,” Garrett tells The Second String. “The reason I was fired from the Cowboys is because I couldn’t live up to the pressure of getting to the postseason. Luckily, that pressure isn’t on me with the Giants.”

Garrett started working through the ranks of the Cowboys’ coaching staff in 2007, eventually getting the head coaching job in 2011. Garrett only made the postseason three times as a head coach and could never advance past the divisional round.

“I think Garrett and the Giants have a lot in common,” Judge says. “We both have a chip on our shoulder, and there’s no way in hell we have the capability to prove the skeptics wrong.”

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