Officer Slapped on Butt by Odell Beckham Jr Won’t Pursue Charges, Will Pursue Second Date

by Alex Poletti
Photo by Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans police officer slapped on the buttocks by Odell Beckham Jr. during LSU’s locker room celebration of their National Championship victory is not pursuing charges against the Browns wide receiver. However, the officer tells The Second String that he is pursuing a second date with the Pro Bowler.

“I thought we had a connection there,” the officer, who chooses to remain anonymous, says. “I mean, to get me all hot and flustered and then leave me flat? That’s not a very gentlemanly thing to do.”

A few days ago, ESPN received news that a warrant was out for OBJ’s arrest in his home state of Louisiana, and the details were made clear soon after. The former New York Giant was likely going to face a misdemeanor charge of simple battery, but the officer in question decided to drop the case altogether.

“I don’t think I needed to go through that all again,” the officer says. “My pride was hurt when it happened. It was disrespectful and completely inappropriate. And on top of all of that, he didn’t even call. It was the least he could do.”

The slap occurred when the officer admonished LSU players for lighting cigars in the locker room. While he was busy with the players, a likely-intoxicated Beckham came up behind him.

This was not the only scandalous action by Odell Beckham Jr. on the night of the National Championship. The LSU alum was also seen handing out real money to members of the winning squad after the game.

“It’s egregious,” LSU associate athletic director Robert Munson says. “Odell was handing out money to college players who are subject to terrible conditions and can’t make any profit off their image and likeness, despite making the university and the NCAA as a whole billions of dollars. Oh and I guess he assaulted an officer or something which is also bad, I’m told.”

People close to Beckham say that the star wideout is actually disappointed that the officer dropped the charges, given what it could mean for his career.

“It’s a shame that he wasn’t arrested,” a friend of Beckham’s says. “The way we see it, he’s only one murder or sexual assault charge away from entering the NFL pantheon. He’s just missing one scandal that calls his moral decency into question to make him a true football star. Maybe next year he’ll make it work.”

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