Taysom Hill Hopes to Fill Lamar Jackson’s Mold of Quarterback Who Really Should Just Be a Wide Receiver

by Alex Poletti
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty

Flex player extraordinaire Taysom Hill told reporters that he wants to be a quarterback in the NFL, even if it means leaving the New Orleans Saints. As a role model, he looks to unanimous MVP Lamar Jackson, who was profiled by some as more of a wide receiver coming out of the draft; however, he differs from the Ravens QB, as Hill has the potential to actually stay a receiver.

“When Lamar proved those critics wrong, it was big for a lot of us hybrid-athlete quarterbacks,” Hill says, who played a pivotal role on both sides of the Saints’ passing attack last season. “Mainly because once he proved himself as a legit quarterback, he left the position of ‘guy who should just be a receiver’ wide open. I think I have what it takes to fill that role.”

In the Wild Card game against the Vikings, Hill displayed his versatility, catching a touchdown pass and throwing the ball for 50 yards. After the game, some fans called for the 29-year-old to take over the starting job from the aging Drew Brees, who saw his effectiveness decline slightly this year.

“I’d love it if New Orleans gave me a chance,” Hill says. “I mean, it worked out so well for the Browns with Terrell Pryor, right?”

While a few receivers have been given looks at the QB position, it’s always been more of a gag than anything else; most times, successful conversions usually flow from quarterback to receiver, not the other way around. Someone like Hill making the switch to quarterback very rare, and any team that signed him would have to take a big gamble.

“If any team wants to take the risk on a Lamar-type and fail, then they know who to call,” Hill says. “We only have every reason to think this won’t work. I’m sure that’s appealing to quite a few teams in the NFL.”

It appears that a few teams have shown some interest in the BYU alum, most notably the Denver Broncos. However, people in the Broncos’ camp tell The Second String that general manager John Elway hasn’t actually seen Hill play, but he knows that Hill is 6’2 and white, which is enough for him.

“My dream is to play as a quarterback in the National Football League,” Hill says. “I’d even leave New Orleans to do it. In fact, I’d gladly leave New Orleans to do it. Someone please get me out of this hellhole.”

*This article is a work of satire. Though certain elements and quotes may be based on true events, this should not be taken as fact.

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