With NBA Season Suspended, Adam Silver Relieved He Can Take That Mid-March Vacation He Planned

by Alex Poletti
Photo by Jae C. Hong / AP Photo

The NBA announced on Wednesday that they will suspend the season in light of Utah Jazz center Rudy Golbert testing positive for the COVID-19 virus. While this was met with frustration and disappointment from fans and players alike, league commissioner Adam Silver tells The Second String that he’s actually kind of relieved, as he can now go on the Mid-March vacation he planned last year.

“Last summer I found some really cheap tickets to Cabo in March,” Silver, who has served as NBA commissioner since 2014, explains. “I realized a few months later that it totally conflicted with work, but I had already booked the hotel and found someone to look after our daughter, so I wasn’t sure how it would work out. Honestly, this was pretty good timing. A tragedy, of course, but pretty good timing.”

With games postponed until further notice, Silver doesn’t have a whole lot to do. Sure, he has to worry about the logistical nightmare and lack of revenue for the league and income for its players, but he really has nothing to do.

“The day-to-day stuff is pretty much off the table,” Silver says. “Now there are a few big picture things to focus on, but I think the virus will still be raging on when we get back from our week-long spa trip. So I don’t think anyone will notice if Maggie and I slip out for a bit.”

The NBA had been discussing solutions to combat the spread of the virus for the week leading up to Wednesday’s announcement. The league had considered playing their games in empty stadiums, but no decisions were made. After Gobert’s test came back positive, however, swift action was taken.

“It was turning into a nightmare of a situation,” Silver says. “I mean, going through the bureaucracy of the NBA in an attempt to keep the fans out of stadiums would take a while, certainly cutting into Cabo time. Luckily, Gobert got sick and we had to take immediate action. He really saved this vacation. I think Maggie and I will send him a postcard expressing our gratitude.”

It’s unaware how long the suspension will last, or if any other players, such as Gobert’s teammates on the Jazz, have also caught the virus. The NBA will err on the side of caution, especially given some plans that Silver has later in the year.

“Last month I booked a family vacation to Jamaica in June,” Silver says. “I totally blanked on the fact that it conflicted with the NBA finals. So fingers crossed that works out for us, too.”

*This article is a work of satire. Though certain elements and quotes may be based on true events, this should not be taken as fact.

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