LeBron James Closing Gap in MVP Race Now That No Teams Are Playing

by Alex Poletti
Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy / Getty Images

With NBA games postponed until further notice, attention turns to the MVP race, where Lakers forward LeBron James is climbing up the MVP ladder. According to some voters, the distance between season-long front runner Giannis Antetokounmpo and James is less than ever before, especially now that neither star is playing.

“Back when the season was in full swing, it was hard to see anyone other than Giannis winning the award,” one voter tells The Second String. “But now that the league is on hold and we are relying only on our faulty memory, LeBron seems as good a choice as anyone.”

The Milwaukee Bucks have been the best team in the league all season, going 53-12 before the NBA closed up shop after Rudy Golbert tested positive for the coronavirus in early March. With the Bucks’ quest for 70 wins now uncertain, LeBron and his renaissance season is hot in people’s minds.

“LeBron was heating up when Silver shut things down,” another voter says. “That’s the most recent thing we’ve seen. Meanwhile, the last Giannis performance I can remember is his shitty guitar playing on Instagram. Not going to lie, that was far below MVP caliber.”

Both stars have taken different approaches to quarantine, with Antetokounmpo attempting to improve his musical chops and James learning all the newest TikTok dances in what we can only hope is a desperate attempt to sell more shoes.

“I don’t know what it is, but when I see LeBron try to hit the woah, I just think, ‘that’s my MVP right there,’” one sportswriter says. “I guess it’s just a little bit more athletic than the guitar playing, and somehow a little less pathetic, which is really saying something.”

While the reasoning checks out, many Bucks fans are still left unimpressed by the voting logic after the one good thing in their sad, Wisconsinite lives was stripped away from them. After a little more prodding, the sportswriter we contacted gave his real answer for why he’s voting for James.

“Look, honestly? I don’t know how to spell Giannis’s last name,” the sportswriter admits. “I get to the second ‘t’ and then I’m lost. Maybe if it was multiple choice or there was a word bank I’d vote for him, but I’m not going to go out there and embarrass myself.”

*This article is a work of satire. Though certain elements and quotes may be based on true events, this should not be taken as fact.

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