Tiger Woods Debuts Face Mask Made of Old Masters Jacket

by Alex Poletti
Photo by Andrew Redington / Getty Images

On what would be the eve of the 2020 Masters Tournament, reigning champion Tiger Woods honored the event in style by sporting a stylish face mask made out of old fabric from one of his Masters jackets.

“I’m trying my best to stay in accordance with all of the CDC’s guidelines,” the five-time Masters winner explains. “That includes using a face mask now. I didn’t want to buy one and take away from the health workers who need it, so I decided to do a DIY project instead. I had so many of these Masters jackets lying around, so I thought I might as well put one to good use.”

Woods debuted the new mask on a trip to the supermarket, drawing compliments for the striking Masters Green garment. Woods would have participated in the 2020 tournament, but it has been postponed until November, meaning he’ll have a few more months to train to defend his monumental 2019 title.

“I thought I’d give a little nod to the golf fans out there,” Woods says. “I know that they’d prefer to see me out on the links right now, but I thought I could do the next best thing and deface an iconic artifact of the sport’s history. But when you really think about what I’m doing, I’m defacing to re-face.”

Woods’ incredible return to form at the 2019 tournament marked his first Majors win in 11 years and put him one behind golf legend Jack Nicklaus on the all-time list with five wins at Augusta. One of the most prolific golfers of all time, Woods is tied with Sam Snead for the most PGA tour wins of all time. 

Due to his lengthy list of accolades, Woods has trouble finding a place to store them all, namely the five green jackets he’s accrued over his 20-year career. For him, cutting up one of them was hardly a sacrifice.

“There’s not much I can do with them, to be honest,” the former longtime world no. 1 says. “The guys at the club don’t really like you wearing them out, and they just don’t look great hanging in the closet. Sometimes I would try to wear them all at the same time just for the hell of it. I cut up the 2002 one because it was my least favorite.”

Woods tells The Second String that if the epidemic goes on any longer, he’ll try to fashion a ventilator out of one of his U.S. Open trophies.

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