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Tulo Re-Tears ACL On First Day as Coach

by Alex Poletti

Another setback arose for the now-retired All-Star shortstop Troy Tulowtizki on Sunday, as he re-tore his ACL on his first day as a Volunteer Assistant Coach for the Texas Longhorns. According to sources on site, the injury occurred while Tulowitzki was hitting grounders during an infield practice.

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Unaware They Aren’t Competing, Mets Trade for Marcus Stroman

by Alex Poletti

In a move that confused many in professional baseball, the New York Mets traded two minor league arms for Toronto Blue Jays starter Marcus Stroman, despite the fact that they sit in fourth place in their division and are in no position to compete. Majority owner Fred Wilpon explains to The Second String that the Mets know they aren’t in it this year, but they don’t want to break freshman GM Brodie Van Wagenen’s heart.

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No-Handed, No-Bat Home Run May Be Evidence MLB Using Juiced Balls

by Alex Poletti

Adding fire to the growing rumors that the official MLB baseballs have been altered to produce more offense, Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor hit an astonishing no-handed home run without a bat. Critics say this is irrefutable evidence that commissioner Rob Manfred is juicing balls.

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Trade Block Inactive as Three GMs Remain in Mexican Standoff

by Alex Poletti

As the calendar creeps towards July 31, the baseball world remains anxious about who will end up on what team for the remainder of the season. However, with less than a week until the trade deadline, no significant moves have been made, most likely due to the continuing mexican standoff between three general managers.

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